We know today’s customer is different. So are you still using the same old marketing, advertising, and selling techniques? Sometimes, that’s okay – as long as it fits how humans buy.

Some of these truths are timeless, and we’ll cover what you need to keep in mind whenever you plot a new growth course for your new home services business.


What You Need to Know About Selling to HomeownersWhat You Need to Know:

Even though we live in a digital world, we’re human, and some things stay the same, like how people interact and trust each other.

So as you plan and update your growth strategies with us, we want you to use these truths as the foundations of any new plans you set because these things mattered in Ancient Egypt as much as they do now!


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Timeless Truths About Selling to Homeowners

Truth #1: People are Lazy. The work is on you!

You HAVE To make it easy for the customer to find and learn more about you!


1) Invest in search engine optimization

Think of the last time you Googled something. Did you go past page one looking for results? Page 2?

  • 60% of users click on one of the top three search results. (TechJury)
  • Just 7% of users will go to the third page of search results. (Omnicore)
  • 92% of consumers will pick a business on the first page of local search results. (SEO Expert)

2) Your website needs to be fast!

  • 53% of users will leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. (Google)

3) Content needs to USEFUL and MULTIDIMENSIONAL

  • People are simply not going to spend time sorting through heaps of information, clicking to numerous pages on your website to find what they need.
  • Invest in a growth-driven website that’s clean, organized, and structured based on user feedback
    • Hotjar for heat mapping
    • Invest in surveys and chatbots.
    • Pay attention to pages that don’t get any views! How can you improve them?
  • Bonus: Make your content diverse too!
    • Blogging is important, but not the infinity gauntlet!
    • 45% of global internet users aged 25-34 listen to podcasts.
    •  Video is trusted by 40% of millennials and half of those aged 18-34 would stop what they’re doing to watch a new video. (OptinMonster)

Sell the why not the what

Truth #2: Sell the WHY – Not the WHAT

It’s important to focus the customer on the problem that your product or service will solve for them. This is the WHY behind your product or service.

  • Explaining how easily you could solve that problem will help the consumer consider the worth of what you’re offering and see why they should spend their money on it.
  • A customer may not even know that your product or service could be valuable to them before you remind them of the problem it solves!


Truth #3: Face to Face Works. Keep Doing it!

Don’t underestimate the marketing value of human interaction. Face-to-face communication helps the customer develop trust in your company, but it also greatly decreases the possibility of miscommunication.


  • With so much going completely digital these days, we are missing out on key communication, as 93% of communication effectiveness is measured in non-verbal cues, which are only observed in face-to-face interactions (Forbes)


Customers are your best salespeople

Truth #4: Customers Are Your BEST Salespeople

Customer reviews are so important these days! This is so true that companies will write fake positive reviews to attract more customers. But the truth is that customers who have had a good experience with your company will positively represent it if asked.


  • Think about offering incentives to encourage previous customers to give positive reviews, such as a discount on current or future services/products. (Destination CRM)
  • Potential customers will trust previous customers of your company because they have something in common: they’ve had the problem that your company solves. How the previous customer describes the way you solved their problem and the relief that followed is extremely attractive to potential customers.


Follow up with customers

Truth #5: Follow Up – Quickly!

There is no doubt about the “quickness” of today’s culture– we want things done, and we want them done NOW! Following up quickly to requests is one way to show consumers that you understand that urgency.

  • Homeowners spend SIGNIFICANT time seeking out a company in the first place. They don’t need the extra hassle of getting responses from you.
  •  If a company follows up quickly, the customer is going to go with you because you’re the option helping them RIGHT NOW – before any competitors have followed up.


Reviewing what we covered

Reviewing the Steps to Success

So how do your company’s current practices measure up to these 5 timeless truths of successful marketing that we’ve talked about today?

You can maintain a positive reputation and attract potential customers on a more human basis if you:


  • Have made it easy for potential customers to find what they are looking for.
  • Attract potential customers by telling them WHY your company’s product or service is the solution to a problem they have.
  • Meet with customers face-to-face as much as possible.
  • Create opportunities for previous customers to connect with potential customers.
  • Follow up with any and all requests with URGENCY.