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Project summary

Alco Windows & Doors came to Rizen with a WordPress website that was not generating many leads for them. Alco decided that they needed expert advice with an experienced agency that understood how to grow their business using the latest marketing methodologies and tactics. Alco Windows & Doors engaged Rizen for Inbound Growth Services to include SEO, Email Marketing, Automation, Growth-Driven Design/Conversion Optimization, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Buyer Persona research, as well as Paid Advertising campaign development and management (Facebook, Bing and Google Ads).

Rizen followed the Inbound methodology for Design and Marketing. We outlined the buyer personas, helped analyze Qualitative feedback from Homeowners and other Customer demographics, and created content for the buying stages of the website visitors. This allowed for the design, content, and PPC ads to be specifically targeted towards getting the most conversions. The content also included videos designed to educate. Custom setup of the Alco Windows and Doors Hubspot and custom integrations were created to automate their entire sales, service and user feedback cycle.

The Challenge

  • Never worked with a marketing agency before.
  • Generating leads but needed to significantly increase the volume to be able to scale the organization with their proven process, The Alco Way.
  • Social Media posting was random with no strategy.
  • Had never done paid advertising (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • No A/B testing strategy in place


  • No processes and systems to track and follow up with leads.
  • No defined buyer personas and no content was being written around searches, target market, or buying stages.
  • No follow up sequences for leads received, causing loss in sales through lack of follow up.
  • No video assets to support branding and marketing initiatives

The Strategy

  • Create automated workflows and sales sequences to reduce the time spent working per lead and increase conversions.
  • Create a series of automations and process improvements to help follow up with leads. 
  • Provide the training and support needed to implement best practices for sales and systems to help them continue to grow.
  • Implement social media marketing strategy
  • Created a blogging strategy to increase number of sessions a month with highly relevant traffic.


  • Collect survey data from their database and website traffic to further define Homeowner, Property Manager, General Contractor and other personas.
  • Test different page designs using conversion rate optimization tactics to increase website conversions
  • Create custom reporting dashboards to report on sales, sales employee performance and more.
  • No video assets to support branding and marketing initiatives
  • Implement Google, LinkedIn and Facebook paid marketing strategies

Proven Results

By implementing all elements of an Inbound Marketing strategy, Alco Windows & Doors was able to grow from 500k to 10 million a year and generate 15x more leads per month than when they started! Through year 3, Alco Windows & Doors has over 8000+ leads in their database and growing! It is one of the fastest and most exciting construction companies in Miami. Alco Windows & Doors is becoming more efficient at managing their leads, increasing conversion rates, and scaling their delivery of services using Hubspot Sales and Hubspot Marketing CRM.

Through consulting and incredibly fast results, Alco Windows & Doors is changing their Marketing approach to include Inbound. The entire organization is on board with Rizen and is growing at a fast and sustainable rate.

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