How does your home services company find new customers? Word-of-mouth? Mailer ads?

Digital marketing is the better way to reach today’s customers! These proven methods generate sales leads, close more customers, and promote your company at a much lower cost than other traditional marketing methods.

Do we have your attention yet? Let’s break it down even more below.

Before We Start…

Why should this matter to you?

If you’ve had trouble getting new customers and have struggled to think of the best ways to advertise your business, we urge you to think about some cost-effective digital marketing methods to engage potential customers, generate sales leads, and develop a good company reputation.


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What is Digital Marketing?

  • Digital marketing is all marketing that occurs on the Internet, whether through social media, email, websites, or search engines.
  • Use digital marketing to widen your reach and engage your target audience where they’re already spending a large amount of time: on the internet! (Hubspot)
    • 85% of Americans are online every single day, and 31% are online almost constantly (PewResearch).
    • Digital marketing is also more cost-effective than other forms of marketing, as it has a larger reach and its ROI is often measurable! (Hubspot)

What is digital marketing list

What Do Digital Marketers Actually Do to Grow My Company?

It’s an incredibly long list and may vary according to the needs of your business but in a nutshell they…

1) Build Buyer Personas

  • Buyer personas are profiles for your company’s ideal customers that are based on data and serve as a guide to predict how those ideal customers will behave at different points in the buying journey.

2) Engage in Content Marketing (the buyer’s journey)

  • Marketing isn’t just advertisements! Digital marketers will generate content that educates/inspires potential customers who are seeking information.
  • Includes blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.
  • 72% of marketers say that their content marketing has increased their audience’s engagement and sales leads! (OptinMonster)
  • Views get people on the first step in the buyer’s journey! More views = more sales leads

3) Research and Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Marketers use keywords and search habits of your ideal customer to ensure that your company is showing up in the right online searches and as top results!
    • 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines (MarketTo)

4) Conduct Social Media Marketing

  • Digital marketers can handle your accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • 73% of consumers have been impacted by a company’s social media presence when making a purchase decision (Animoto).


5) Establish & Monitor Paid Advertising (native advertising and sponsored content)

  • Native advertising ads blend in because they match the formatting of other non-paid content. It doesn’t look like an annoying ad to the reader!
    • 41% of brands use native advertising as a part of their broad marketing plans (WordStream).
  • Sponsored content is when a company pays another platform, person, or entity to promote your product/service. A popular example is when companies pay influencers to test out and promote their products.

6) Build-Out Ad Retargeting

  • Ad retargeting is the practice of tagging the people who have been on your site before and then placing more of your content in their path as a reminder.
  • 96% of people who visit a website leave without doing what the marketer would have wanted them to! (Hubspot)

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Does Digital Marketing ACTUALLY WORK for Home Services Companies?

  • Many customers will start their search for a home service company by typing “plumbers in [city]” into a search engine (Valve+Meter)
    • Digital marketing methods generate 50% more interactions with potential customers than traditional marketing methods. 62% of buyers say they make purchase selections based on digital content.
  • Traditional marketing methods (like direct-mail, common to home service companies) only have a 1.7% conversion rate, versus a 14.6% conversion rate for digital methods (DigitalThirdCoast).

Questions to ask a home services marketing partner

How Do I Find a GOOD Marketing Agency to Partner With?

  • Some marketing agencies will advertise that they work with home service companies, but they really just copy/paste the marketing methods they use with any other company. So, ASK THESE QUESTIONS when interviewing potential partners:
    1. Will you use buyer personas to make sure that ads for my company are geared towards my target audience?
    2. What is your process of creating content/ads and publishing them?
    3. What types of digital marketing have you used for other home services companies and why? They should be able to give you examples of what they have done with other home services companies. (Valve+Meter)

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Now You Know About Digital Marketing – What Next?

So, have we convinced you to give some of these digital marketing methods a try?

Using digital marketing, you can engage potential customers, generate more sales leads, and develop a good company reputation.

Digital marketing for your company might look like:

  • Blog posts with titles like “5 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home”
  • Showing up as one of the top 3 search results when people in your area search for your type of service
  • Educational videos about your service and why it’s necessary
  • Before/after pics of your work on social media accounts

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